CH Beauview Bar the Hat at Ilkleymoor  r/r 

  Eng CH

Beauview Hot Gossip   r/r

Austr. - - NZ - NL CH   Beagriff Galliard  r

Eng. CH  Beauview Roses are Red s/r

Beauview Tangled Up   s/r

Leo Belgicus Takes Two to Tango r /b&t

Eng. CH Beauview Roses are Red s/r

A, SK CH, A- Super Ch 07

Ilkley Moor Easy Does It   s/r

EW '99,A, AJCH,KS 

Ilkley Moor Russet Ruffles  s/r

WW, Multi CH Ilkley Moor Wee Imp  s/r

AJCH Ilkley Moor Peppermint Patty  s/r

Fair Lady von der Bodyguards  s/r

EJS, Multi Ch Beannachtai Arlon Amhain   r 

ES, Multi Ch Red Hot Hottentot's Ella Fitzgerald  r/r 



Ilkley Moor Tequila Hiccup 


PL 0/0 Augen frei 2011 2014